13 Personal CRM systems for your everyday life

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CRM software has evolved to be a powerful tool for business to organize, track, and stay on top of customers. As more individuals see the power of this process, Personal CRM systems are now growing in popularity to help individuals do the same thing.

Here is a list of the top 10 Personal CRM systems for your everyday life.

The 13 Personal CRM systems



Closr is a mobile CRM that allows you to network and meet people nearby. It brings in your contacts and provides context around the people to help follow up and ultimately close more deals.



Cloze is the Relationship Management that aggregates your contacts, emails, calendars, social data and more to help you follow up and improve your network. They also integrate with Evernote and Salesforce to bring you a pretty powerful personal CRM.

Ryze | The Personal CRM


Ryze is The Personal Relationship Manager that allows you to keep notes, create custom groups for people, and set recurring reminders to stay on top of your relationships. Ryze also integrates with your email and calendars to provide a powerful personal CRM tool.



Contactually is a lite CRM that does a fantastic job of keeping you on top of your relationships. With a mobile and web based solution, Contactually provides a great system to grow and nurture the relationships that drive your business.



Etch brings the power of artificial intelligence to your contacts and relationships. Etch helps clean up your contacts, provide rich contact information and improve your relationships by bringing in your emails, meetings and social media.

contact hub

Contact Hub

Contact Hub is a contact manager and personal CRM that allows you to sync your contacts across iOS devices, group contacts together and share and message people within the application.



Accompany is an executive dream tool. It creates executive briefings, curated news feeds, and insights into your contacts and relationships. Accompany works on mobile, web, and in your gmail to provide a unified system of relationship intelligence.



LincSphere is a great professional networking tool that allows you to follow up, make introductions, and send referrals to build strong relationships. LincSphere also brings in analytics to give you better insight to your relationships.


Follow Up CRM

Follow Up is a personal CRM built on top of Gmail that helps you manage projects, contacts, keep notes, and follow up with people. Twist also works with your calendars to schedule meetings and keep track of events.



Sellf is a Mobile CRM designed for sales men and women on the go. They have gamified the process of prospecting, following up, and closing deals. With an incredibly sleek user interface and rave reviews, it is definitely a fantastic application for the hustler on the go.



Plutio is a project management tool that also doubles as a personal CRM. Plutio helps you complete projects, tasks, and manage your clients and customers in one application with mobile and web access.



Streak is a very popular Gmail Extension that turns your email into a CRM system to help follow up, track, and manage contacts and leads. Streak has dozens of little tools that make it unique way to function as a Personal CRM.



Switchit is a networking app that helps you grow your personal network with digital business cards to follow up, share, and store your contact information. It also integrates with your calendars to keep track of events related to your contacts.

Alternate Solutions

Because each person has different needs so there have been additional solutions to the challenges of relationship management.

  1. Airtable – Personal CRM templates
  2. How I made a personal CRM with Google Sheets
  3. Fieldbook – Personal CRM template

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Ryze | The Personal CRM