The 6 Stages of Public Speaking

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If you are like the majority of the population, myself included, there are so many things you’d rather do than speak in public.

It’s so awful. It might just be all the things you hate the most rolled into one.

We’re going to go through all the thoughts and feelings associated with everyone’s worst nightmare.

1) Finding out you have to speak in public

Because public speaking is at the bottom of everyone’s list, we don’t usually seek out opportunities to speak in public.

Finding out you will have to speak, or being asked to speak, usually begins with horror and ends with something similar to dread.

It’s really just an awful mix of emotions, but you know it will help you grow as a person so you play along anyway.

2) Trying to write your speech

If you aren’t lucky enough to have something provided for you to read, which most of us are not, the next obstacle is to write your speech.

I personally believe this is the most frustrating part.

You aren’t sure how everything flows together, you don’t even know if it makes sense, and then you get writers block!

Writing your own speech can be rough.

3) Rehearsing your speech

After you have perfected your speech, you have to make sure you can remember it. So you rehearse it, over, and over, and over.

You rehearse it when you’re by yourself, or not. You rehearse it in the mirror, or when you’re in the car. You go over and over again until it is just right.

Or if you’re like me until you go out in front of everyone.

4) The day of the speech/ Before you go on

It’s at this point of the process that you really start to feel the regret and rethink your past decisions.

You swear you won’t do this to yourself ever again.

You may even contemplate running away, but of course you wouldn’t really, it was just an idea, kind of.

Your nerves are at an all time high and you just want it to be over already.

5) Going to give your speech

On the inside you are a nervous wreck, but on the outside you are calm, cool, and collected.

The first time you look out into the crowd and see all those people you feel like you might pass out.

Once you start reading though, everything changes.

You start to get more comfortable, you can’t even tell your voice is shaking anymore.

And people are paying attention so what you’re saying must make sense. Everything is going to be okay.

6) When it’s finally over

When you are finished and everyone is cheering and clapping for you, all the previous horrible feelings all melt away.

You feel like you are on top of the world. No one can mess with you or how you feel right now.

Your confidence is through the roof and you are loving life.

Some actual tips

If public speaking just makes you really uncomfortable, like me, here are some great tips on overcoming the fear of public speaking. Also check out anxiety coach’s great article for some more great tips. Public speaking is all what you make of it. It is a rollercoaster of emotions but putting yourself out there will help you grow.