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7 Body Language Videos To Help You Communicate Better

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Most people consider the brain and the body to be two separate entities. For the sake of study, they can be separated, but in a practical sense, they are both intimately dependent on each other.

As the mind can affect the body, so can the body affect the mind. Your body language expresses your mind, and your ability to understand how your body communicates with others is vital to being a effective communicator.

These seven videos will give you the knowledge and power to really grasp your understanding of body language and give you the tools you need to influence and communicate with others.

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Amy Cuddy gives one of the top Ted Talks on Body Language. As a social psychologist, Amy dives into all of the obvious and non-obvious social and nonverbal cues we give to each other everyday. She also shows just how easy it is to change your body language to change your emotions, attitude, and even thoughts.

You can find from her at website Amy

The Importance of Being Inauthentic

Mark Bowden does a fantastic presentation on the categories that you brain automatically forms and the body language behind those categories. His presentation is highly engaging and despite the title, authentic.

You can find more from him at his website Truth Plane.

Make Body Language Your Super Power

The Stanford Graduate School of Business puts on a great presentation of the power of body language and how you can use it to increase your confidence and strength as a leader or speaker.

The Power of Hands in Body Language

Allan describes the power in communication that lies in the palm of your hands. This can be used immediately in your interactions with others.

Allen Pease is the founder of Pease International, and international communication teaching platform.

The Power of Nonverbal Communication

From his CIA training, ex-CIA body language expert gives plenty of stories and examples of the power of body language and how he used it for the CIA.

Joe is the author of several body language books and you can find more from him at

Body Language in Human Connection

Tim David runs through several body language tips that can help you form a more human connection. He then ends the quick presentation with a poem that is worth the watch.

You can find more from Tim David at his site, Good At, which is also the title of one his books on communication.

The Hidden Power of Smiling

Ron Gutman demonstrates through statistics and science the true power that smiling has. His presentation will help you learn how to use smiling in your everyday while also putting a smile on your face as you watch it.

He is also the author of Smile: The Astonishing Power of a Simple Act.

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