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A Personal CRM that works for you

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Our digital lives are fragmented. We have relationships on Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, our phone, and many others. Each platform serves a different purpose, but none of them allow you to maintain relationships beyond the newsfeed or an invite to connect.

But what if there was a tool that brought that all together and gave you back the power of your relationships?

A Personal CRM

In it’s purest sense a CRM should be for Relationship Management, but most of the CRM’s on the market are targeted at Sales Management and view the people in your life as dollar signs. That’s not nice.

While it’s not everything that Boris Mann has asked for in a Personal CRM, it definitely starts addressing the problem.

Ryze | The Personal Relationship Manager is effectively your Personal CRM that organizes and helps you stay on top of the people in your life.

Stay on top of your relationships

With customizable, recurring reminders, Ryze notifies you when it’s time to connect with someone so they don’t slip through the cracks.

Ryze Personal CRM Home

Provide value to others

Sharing content is a key way in which you can build value in a relationship over time. Ryze finds and suggests content you can share with others.

Ryze Personal CRM Groups

Keep all your notes together

In a real relationship, you want to keep detailed information on individuals because you care about them. Ryze lets you keep notes however you like giving you quick access to them.

Ryze Personal CRM notes

Search for everything

Instead of hunting for information, just do a quick search. Anything that is within the application can be pulled for quick access.

Ryze Personal CRM Search

UI / UX designed around you

Beautiful design is no longer a “nice thing to have”. It’s an absolute requirement, and because relationships and people are so personal, Ryze is designed to keep that feeling without going overboard.

Ryze Personal CRM Menu

Personal CRM coming next

As Tristan Louis points out in his Personal Relationship Manager article, Ryze will eventually bring together all of your communication into one platform.

Coming Next:

  1. Web based platform
  2. Business card scanning
  3. Alexa Integrations for voice input

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The whole point of a Personal CRM is to help you work smarter. Instead of siloing off information from different systems, they need to be brought together.

No matter the industry you are in, a large portion of your success will come from your ability to build and maintain relationships. A Personal CRM like Ryze lets you do that.

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