7 Essential Small Business Apps in 2017

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With so many applications available to help with business, it can be hard to distill which business apps are the most useful. To help filter through all them, consider this list of 10 essential small business apps.


1) Asana: (Android, iOS, free less than 10 people)

Asana is a “collaborative information manager” and project management software. Asana allows you to work on multiple projects, add collaborators, and communicate through one application. Asana was started by Justin Rosenstein and Dustin Moskovitz as a Facebook project and spun off to become a success of its own.

Wave Accounting

2) Wave: (Android, iOS, free)

They focus on the very specific niche: businesses under 10 employees. Wave is an accounting, invoice, payment, payroll, and receipts management system that is free for the basic services. Wave allows you to pay for additional features like payroll and accepting credit cards. Our friends at Cloudwards wrote a full review on Wave to help you decide if it will work well for your business.

Slack Communication

3) Slack: (Android, iOS, free)

Slack is an instant messaging app that allows teams to organize conversations into separate channels or private chats. Slack also allows a team to share images, files, and other documents. Slack has shown to reduce internal email by 48.6%, help reduce internal meetings by 25%, and increase overall productivity by 32%.

Buffer App

4) Buffer: (Android, iOS, free)

Buffer is social media management platform. This aggregates all of your social media into one platform and allows you to schedule posts for later, track progress of your content, and even create images of your own with Buffer Pablo. Buffer works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, and Instagram.


5) Mailchimp: (Android, iOS, free)

Mailchimp is a very popular email and newsletter creation platform that allows you to build email lists, send beautiful emails, and track analytics regarding those emails. Mailchimp integrates with hundreds of platforms and makes creating beautiful email easy. Mailchimp is a must for any small business.

Hubspot CRM

6) Hubspot CRM: (Android, iOS, free forever)

Hubspot CRM is a customer relationship manager program that allows you manage all of your potential customers and track your sales pipeline. Hubspot is an out-of-the-box solution that still allows for plenty of customization for your business. Hubspot CRM also states that it will be 100% free. Forever.

Toggl App

7) Toggl: (Android, iOS, free)

Toggl is a time management and tracker. It is one of the simplest ways to keep track of your time working on virtually anything. Toggl also allows you to track time for teams and entire projects while providing reporting and additional tools. Toggl also integrates with several platforms including the above mentioned Asana!

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