15 Tips From The Experts On Networking On A Daily Basis

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Dedicating time to networking every day can be extremely difficult as life throws constant emergencies at us. However even spending a few minutes a day growing your network can pay serious dividends in the end. We collected 15 tips from the experts on networking on a daily basis.

We asked these experts: What are 3 things you can do daily to expand your network? Here are their responses.

Bill Doerr

Bob Burg

Twitter: @BobBurg
LinkedIn: Bob Burg
Website: burg.com

Bob Burg is a speaker, and the co-author of the Bestselling book, The Go-Giver. His book is about how a simple change of mindset can not only change how you live your life but also how you run your company and how much more successful your company can be.

Bob’s Advice

Tip #1: “Ask yourself who you might like to have in your network (that would be beneficial for both of you but does not need to be in terms of direct business) and reach out to them.”

Tip #2: “Determine how you might be able to add value to that person (NOT directly via your products/services but in some other way).”

Tip #3: “Connect good people with other good people. This must be done properly and appropriately.”

Bill Doerr

Beth Bridges

Beth is a speaker, marketer, and the author of Networking On Purpose. She’s the creator of Five-Part Networking Success Plan™ and conducts speaking engagements to teach her strategy. Over the course of 10 years she’s been to over 2500 networking events!

Beth’s Advice

Tip #1: “Connect with someone new on social media and have a conversation. Don’t just send a connection request. Find out something you have in common or let them know how you think you might be able to help each other.”

Tip #2: “Give a referral by listening to what other people need. Whether you’re at a networking event or scrolling through social media, be alert for an opportunity to solve a problem for someone else.”

Tip #3: “Show gratitude to someone who has helped you. Tell them thanks in person, send them an email, or give them a shoutout on social media.”

Beth says the networking “bonus” is that each of these tips take less than five minutes.

Bill Doerr

Michael Schein

Michael Schein is a columnist, the CEO of MicroFrame Media, and co-host of the podcast Access to Anyone, a podcast that shares all the ways in which relationships, networking, and grinding can lead you to access anyone. His co-host, Michael Rodrick, is a teacher turned networker and helps Schein with the show.

Michael’s Advice

Tip #1: I offer to interview people that I’m interested in meeting on my podcast.

Tip #2: I create Top 10 lists to profile people I admire and would like to get to know better and publish them.

Tip #3: I am constantly looking for ways to help the people I meet to deepen the relationships

Bill Doerr

Bill Doerr

Twitter: @sellmore
LinkedIn: Bill Doerr
Website: getnewclientsnow.com

Bill Doerr is an entrepreneur and creator of The Preferral Prospecting System®, The Client Machine®, and The Expert Directory®. Bill is a networking coach and helps his clients to build strong relationships and get more referrals and clients through their network.

Bill’s Advice

Here are his three incredible tips that are worth sharing:

Tip #1: “Search your first-level Linkedin Connections for their first-level connections who look like your ideal clients or alliance partners. Ask your common connections for an introduction to meet them for an exploratory conversation.”

TIp #2: “Conduct online searches for experts with authority on the topics that attract your target audience. Post comments on their blogs where/when relevant and include a link back to your site or your landing page for a relevant download to help grow your list.”

TIp #3: “Keep in touch with your existing network connections. Periodically, call them (I know, ‘old school’!) to see how they’re doing and to see if they could benefit from something (your expertise) or someone (your network connections) you can offer them to help them address a challenge they’re having in their life or business.”

Bill Doerr

Bryan Anderson

Twitter: BryanKAnderson
LinkedIn: Bryan Anderson
Website: LakeTravisNow.com

Bryan is a seasoned Realtor with over 33 years of real estate knowledge and consulting. He’s received the RE/MAX “Lifetime Achievement”, “Hall of Fame”, “Platinum”, and “100% Club” awards from his ability to network and serve his clients.

Bryan’s Advice

Here’s what Bryan does on a daily basis to expand his network:

Tip # 1:
Connect with clients

Tip #2: Connect with those in your sphere

Tip #3: Connect through interactive social media

I hope with this advice that you can start today on expanding your own network! Remember to start simple by making connections with those around you and always stay in touch with your existing network to ensure your relationships are staying strong.

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