How Neil Uses 3 Simple Voice Tweaks To Captivate Everyone

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If you’ve ever heard Neil deGrasse Tyson speak, you know that he has a unique ability to be extremely captivating. He can talk about anything an make it captivating. By observing the way he speaks, we can learn how to speak to grab people’s attention and captivate anyone. Let’s learn how to tweak our voices to captivate everyone with these tips created by Charisma on Command.

Neil uses 3 types of tweaks to his speech that make people instantly interested and WANT to listen to what he has to say.

The self-deprecating Joke

Neil speaks from his stomach

When you inhale and slowly exhale, you force your voice to drop in pitch. This is what it means to speak from you stomach. Instead of taking short, shallow breaths, and speaking from your throat or top of the chest, speak from the deep part of your abdomen.

It was shown that CEO’s with deeper voices earned more money as compared to their counterparts. A similar study also found that all presidential candidates with lower voices won the popular vote from 1960 – 2000. And yet another study shows that men find other men with lower voices to be more dominant.

It has also been shown that women find men with deeper voices to be more attractive. And as a corollary people seen as more attractive are considered to be more influential and command more attention.

You can jump to The Art of Manliness to learn how you can lower your voice.

Ellen's jokes don't hurt anyone

Neil takes deliberate pauses

Neil makes the deliberate effort to pause his speech. Sometimes it’s right in the middle of what he’s saying. Sometimes he doesn’t pause when he should. In the words of Truman Fisher “The pause is as important as the note”. The pause draws the audience toward you in anticipation for what’s next.

The power of the pause gives you time to reflect, gives the audience time to reflect, and puts you in command of the words. There are several types of pauses that you can use like dramatic pauses or reflective pauses.

Utilize the the pause techniques to enhance your normal speaking. Practice the pause in your everyday speech with others and see the power that it can have.

People are unlikely to be insecure about things that are temporary, common, or not core to their identity

Neil changes his speaking style often

There are several elements that make up your speech: Pitch, Volume, Speed, Tone, Cadence. Neil masterfully uses these elements to draw attention to his speech. Neil deliberately changes all of these quickly and often to keep the listener engaged. It’s all done with purpose though.

You can start getting louder and louder and then quickly get quiet. You can start slow and then speak quickly and then slow down. You can speak rhythmically or sporadically. All of these changes force the listener to pay attention and actually makes what you have to say interesting.

So if you can use the three tweaks to your speech:

  1. Deepen your voice
  2. Pause in your speech
  3. Change your speaking styles

And then practice them often, you’ll be on your way to captivating people’s attention and making people want to listen to you.

If you want to see the entire video check out the full YouTube video below:

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