How to Maximize the Value Ryze Can Deliver

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By keeping track of relationships and reminding you to follow up, Ryze is effectively your personal relationship assistant. Over time you’ll build deeper relationships, find new opportunities for your career or business, and overall feel more organized and on top of your relationships.

This quick guide will help you get the most out of Ryze. The more of these practices you implement, the sooner you’ll start to realize the benefits.

6 Steps to getting more value from Ryze

1) Add at least 30 people to start

The ultimate goal is to add everyone important to you into Ryze. You probably know hundreds to thousands of people, so we know that getting everyone into Ryze is a challenge.

Start by adding in the top 30 people you have in your address book into Ryze. This will prevent you from being “overloaded” by too many relationships to follow up with. You can slowly add in more people over time as you interact with people.


2) Create at least 5 groups

Groups are easy ways for you to create mental models of your network and easily organize your relationships into logical steps. Each group gives you context into your relationships and gives you a picture of the people that exist within your network.


3) Be liberal with tagging & notes

Notes are way to make sure you don’t forget important details about people! The more notes and tags you add, the better you’ll be able to pick up the conversation later! Tags are the little pieces of information that you know about people. This is how we can pull content to share with him / her.


4) Set Follow Up reminders on everyone.

Even if it’s a person you might not want to reach out to often, set the interval for 6 months so that way that person is never forgotten! You can always skip the follow up if you don’t wish to speak with him / her.


6) Log every interaction that you can remember

Every time you interact with a person, take a minute to log the interaction so that you can reference the fact that y’all have talked to each other. You’ll be able to see the progression of your relationship over time.


6) Choose when you want notifications

Choose when the best time is for you to follow up with people. This is when you’ll be reminded to reach out to the people in Ryze. It also helps if you set the interval period for when reminders are triggered.


Additional ways to get more value

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