Using Humor the Right Way: How to Successfully Win People Over

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Ellen Degeneres has a wonderful sense of humor we can all appreciate. By observing the way she cracks her jokes, we can learn the appropriate way to joke around with our co-workers, family, friends, and even boss. By using the right kind of humor we can win people over and create the right impression by making them laugh or smile. Learn how to successfully win people over with these tips created by Charisma on Command.

Ellen uses 3 types of jokes that make people instantly like her and how you can use them to also create a great first impression.

Ellen's jokes don't hurt anyone

Understand people first

Why is the world so charmed by Ellen?

Her jokes don’t hurt anyone.

A majority of the humor we hear on a daily basis is at the expense of others. The joke may be funny but there will always be someone who doesn’t feel the greatest as a result. Even if it’s in pure fun, no one enjoys being made fun of in a public setting. So leave the self-depreciating jokes at home for your closest friends.

The self-deprecating Joke

1. The Self-Deprecating Joke

So what are ways to be funny without making someone else feeling uncomfortable? Make fun of yourself of course! The first joke inspired by Ellen is the self-depreciating joke. This is a joke where you playfully make fun of yourself to make others laugh. For example, Ellen was interviewing Rihanna and asked her “What year were you born?”, and when Rihanna responded with “1988”, Ellen playfully responded, “I have shoes that are like from ’88”. This is an effective way to make people laugh without making anyone else feel crappy.

People are unlikely to be insecure about things that are temporary, common, or not core to their identity

Be aware of the target of the joke

Although you shouldn’t put others down to make people laugh, there are a few exceptions where this is okay. It is okay if you are making fun about things that are either temporary, common or not core to their identity.

The Poking Fun Joke

2. The Poking Fun Joke

An example of this is Ellen interviewing Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer says that she has bronchitis and then later on when she touches Ellen’s hand, Ellen gets a tissue and jokingly cleans her hands as if Jennifer was giving her germs. Although this is technically making fun of Jennifer, it is completely harmless because it will not alienate her because it is unlikely she is insecure that she is sick.

Be careful when doing this kind of joke though, people are likely to be insecure if you make fun of things that are permanent, uncommon, or core to their identity.

When picking the appropriate thing to pick on, you can successfully make people laugh or smile with this joke method, poking fun.

The Ego Booster Joke

3. The Ego Booster

People love compliments, and another great way to get people to instantly like you is the ego booster. When Ellen hosted an awards show and said to Amy Adams, “You’re nominated for not one but two films tonight, that is so… what is the word for it… selfish.” By making people laugh while also commenting on how successful, good looking, kind, or likable they are they will instantly like you.

What kinds of jokes were you making?

So ask yourself what kind of jokes are you making? Are you using one of the previous three methods or are you making fun of someone? This is important to realize because the self-deprecating, poking fun, and ego booster jokes can improve relationships, whereas joking at others expense can actually harm them.

Prepare for humor

People have opportunities to make these kinds of jokes all day, but people rarely do. Why is this? You need to prepare to for humor. Be inspired by Ellen dancing on her talk show and be silly.

Just be silly

0. Start with being silly

You might be using silly humor, which Ellen also uses a lot. This can just be simple silly wordplay or make something preposterous up. Sometimes it’s okay to be silly and you will be surprised how much more likable you will be when you’re not taking life too seriously.

Find a simple ritual

1. Find a simple ritual

Ellen’s simple ritual is to toss a mint into the air and attempt to catch it in her mouth. She does this before every show.

Find something you can do in the morning when you wake up to activate some silliness or humor in the morning. Comedy Pandora is always a good start.

Move your body

2. Move your body

It’s hard to take yourself too seriously if you are moving or dancing. Ellen takes every opportunity to dance on her show.

Do your best to wake up, dance, and get the blood moving. You’ll increase your dopamine levels and set the stage for some good humor.

Bring games into your interactions

3. Incorporate games

The game Heads Up! was created specifically for Ellen and her show. It became one of the best games on the Apple Store for a while.

Download the game and use it when things get boring, or come up with your own games to play. Use them frequently!

Hopefully this post shows you some simple ways to make people like you, be a little more humorous, and help you make a great first impression.

If you want to see the entire video check out the full YouTube video below:

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