The Personal Relationship Manager

Organize. Follow up. Build better relationships.

Ryze - Personal CRM

The Personal
Relationship Manager

Organize. Follow up.
Build Better Relationships

Ryze - Personal CRM


Easily build and maintain relationships with everyone

  • Organize all your relationships in one central place
  • Set recurring reminders so you never forget about anyone
  • Track and grow your relationships over time

Accelerate your career


Building and maintaing
relationships is strongly
associated with career success1

Grow your business


Find referrals and new
opportunities through the
relationships you’ve already built.

Be healthier and happier


Quality relationships is the
number one indicator of long
term health and happiness2

  • “I really like how simple and streamlined it is to use. Makes it very easy to start building a system for staying connected to my network, which has always been difficult for me.”Ben Goldsmith

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Ryze - Personal CRM


1. Kuijpers, M., Schyns B., Scheerens J. (2011). Career Competencies for Career Success.

2. Waldinger R., Seidman E., Gerber A., Liem J., Allen J., Hauser S. (2003) Attachment and core relationship themes: wishes for autonomy and closeness in the narratives of securely and insecurely attached adults.